Week 2 Blog

Title: Knocked up

Genre: Romantic comedy

Lighting: Low key Lighting & High key

The lighting used in the movie “Knocked Up” was for the most part filmed in high-key lighting, however some parts are filmed in low-key lighting. For example the scene were they are at bar the the low-key lighting used in this scene would be the type of lighting that would be in a real bar. This type of technique helps add to the theme. The high-key lighting contributes to the film, because it is a comedy and a traditional three-point lighting would not work for this movie, making it less funny most definitely. The brightness adds to the lightness feel of the movie for me, would not work as well any other way. The film also used natural light in some scenes adding to the realness of the movie. Which reminds us that this is the sort of things that people really deal with in life, but seeing the humorous side of it. The scene that had more of a higher lighting would be in the hospital when Allison is giving birth because it is bright and there are plenty of lights used in the movie. Even though the movie is really based on four main scenes and places the lighting always stays decent since the movie is not a big movie based on a huge theme. It really is just in a house and based on people and there regular lives that they go through.

Now if the scenes were different and the all the lighting’s were different i don’t think the movie would have turned out the same. The main reason why I like this movie because it is not your average movie where they talk about the same things and go through what every other movies experience. When it came to this movie it really is showing what happens to people in real life they just added a lot of comedy to it which made it even more great to watch. So yes it tells the story of two totally different people who find themselves in a popular situation of becoming pregnant off a one night stand which i don’ t think we see this enough in movies. But when it comes down to making the final decision to have the baby that is where the movie comes to light.



Goodykoontz, B., & Jacobs, C. P. (2014). Film: From watching to seeing (2nd ed.)


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